Are you thinking about a STEM Education and wanting to know more about it? STEM is based on four specific areas of studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education starts at a young age and goes all the way to college and graduate school. Here, you will find out about the different degrees that are available, colleges that offer STEM programs, and job opportunities and barriers that exist within STEM education and career.

Why Puzzles Boost Your STEM and Cognitive Skills

Puzzles and word games provide you with a perfect blend of focus, creative thinking and improved memory

4 Strategies to Improve Your Grade in Math

You need to master math in order to progress up the academic ladder

The Importance of Hands-on, Minds-on Learning in Science

Empowering students to be in charge of performing their own experiments

Consider Online Fundraising for Your School Projects And Costs

Tips for raising funds online for your next school project

Six Ways to Avoid Learning Loss Over Breaks

A "break" in school does not mean a break from learning

3 Emerging Careers in Health Sciences

A degree in pre-health sciences is a great choice for those interested in the health care industry

5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a STEM Major

Students studying STEM can expect a rewarding career and post-graduation job security among other benefits

STEM Student Profile: Aubury Erickson

STEM education and how it prepares college students for the jobs of the future.

Majoring in Computer Science

What does a computer science major do?

Women in Science | STEM Careers

Growing job opportunities for women in science, technology,engineering, and math

Mayim Bialik on education and the importance of stem careers

Geek Chic: TI brand ambassador

A promising future of systems engineering

A career as a systems engineer is in demand

Careers in Engineering | Automotive Design

Automotive design and manufacturing engineering careers

Careers in biomedical engineering

Boimdeical engineers combine interest in engineering and biology

Careers in Math and Science

Math and science careers you should consider even if you don’t think you’re the next Einstein

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