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Welcome school counselors! We're here to be your resource to help your students achieve whatever it is they hope for after high school. Here, you'll find topics covering everything from financial aid to applying for college as well as counselor development to help you and your students get through the whole college planning process with ease. Be sure to check back frequently - we've always got something new to share - and maybe even something to give away!

How To Provide Students With A Positive Learning Environment?

And helping your students achieve their full potential.

Ways to Improve Your Skills As an Educator

And stay at the top of your field

Advice For Dealing With Mental Health Challenges in School

Keeping a healthy mental balance is key to your success

Why Innovating Education Is So Important

Innovations in education has never been more important than now

Consider Online Fundraising for Your School Projects And Costs

Tips for raising funds online for your next school project

Book Review: College Counseling for School Counselors

Get the most out of college planning as a school counselor

Working with Employers to Attract High School Students into the Candidate Pipeline

The benefits to internships during high school

Getting students into their dream colleges

Ultra-competitive schools can be a challenge to help students get into - but not impossible

Major profile: nursing

For your students, a degree in nursing doesn’t have to mean a career in a hospital

Graduating debt-free from college

Jason Lum, a counselor from Minneapolis, Minn., talks about how he graduated from Harvard Law debt-free - and how your students can do the same.

Featured Counselors - Fall 2014

These super counselors from across the country take pride in their jobs and make a difference in their schools and in the lives of their students

Got community service?

How to create a volunteer fair

Picking the “wrong” college

Finding the right college doesn’t always happen the first time around

But I’m not good at anything!

How to counsel a student who is unsure about the path he or she wants to take

8 easy ways to better your recommendation letters

Tips to writing better recommendation letters in no time

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