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NextStepU is passionate about helping college-bound students, parents, and counselors with objective college planning.  We’ve created a “one-stop shop” for teens and their parents which includes tons of content, resources, a college match tool, a scholarship search tool and a customized dashboard to guide them to their “next step". We have articles that are ranked #1 by google. We also offer digital magazine resources for college planning and STEM.

A trusted brand for 21 years among high school counselors, students, and college admissions, we continue to add innovative tools, content and technologies as a leader in the education media space. What started as a college planning magazine is now a thriving digital business.


College and Career Planning


The college planning path is your personalized guide to help you along your education journey.

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Scholarship search


Going to college can be expensive. Reduce your college expenses by discovering scholarships.

NextStepU Scholarship Search

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With over 2.2 million scholarships, we offer you many opportunities to earn the scholarship that you need to help you pay for college.

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With our detailed scholarship search, you decide how to find the scholarship that you’re looking for. Sort our scholarships by category, price range or deadline in order to find the scholarship you need, when you need it.


NextStepU Scholarships

You can register  with NextStepU.com to be entered into our $2,500 scholarship contest offered twice a year. We also currently offer $1500 STEM scholarship 3 times a year.

Stem Scholarship

College Search and Match Tools

Find schools that fit your interests.

Search for colleges by region

Sort colleges by the regions that you'e interested in, whether it be close to home or abroad.

Find colleges with your major

If you have a particular major in mind that you want to pursue, sort your college search by major option. We’ll only show you the colleges that offer the programs you’re interested in.

Get info from colleges that interest you

If you find a college that you want to know more about, you can select to get more information from them. We’ll put you right in touch with the colleges you’re looking at to give you all the information that you need.


Digital Magazines

We offer digital college planning and STEM magazines with articles, tools, and interviews with college admissions, counselors and industry thought leaders.

College Planning & STEM Magazines




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