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Once you’ve decided on the list of schools you’re interested in attending, it’s time to start applying to them all. What’s most important to remember when filling out your application is to make sure you have every necessary requirement completed to the best of your ability. Here, we offer you extra resources to make sure everything is complete with your application and offer insider information on how to be a strong application candidate.

Top Tips To Help You Prepare For College Applications

And make things less stressful

How to Create a Winning Personal Statement

This is a critical component of a college application that highlights student's strong attributes

The Importance of Sending Thank You Letters in Your College Admissions

Saying thank you in a meaningful way can help you stand out from our applicants

3 Ways Social Media Plays a Role in College Admissions

Your online activity can play an important role in college admissions

4 Ways to Get a Great Letter of Recommendation

You must find out how many letters you need for your college application and plan for them accordingly

4 Ways Juniors Can Start Preparing for College Admissions Today

A plan of action in junior year can put you on the right track to college admissions success

The Importance of College Recommendations

Help admissions team to get a clearer picture of the whole applicant

5 things you can do while waiting to hear back from a college

Here are five things to consider doing while you wait

What is the Common App?

What do I need to know before using The Common College Application?

Anxious to get your master’s degree?

Earn a graduate degree while you’re still an undergrad

Online Classes and Learning Disabilities: What You Need to Know

How to thrive in college no matter what your learning level

Getting students into their dream colleges

Ultra-competitive schools can be a challenge to help students get into - but not impossible

But I’m not good at anything!

How to counsel a student who is unsure about the path he or she wants to take

8 easy ways to better your recommendation letters

Tips to writing better recommendation letters in no time

Creating a college application resumé

It’s never too soon for students to write a resumé - even if their college applications don’t require one

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