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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a STEM Major

Students studying STEM can expect a rewarding career and post-graduation job security among other benefits

5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a STEM Major

“What should I major in?” You may have tossed this question around in your mind a couple times already. Maybe even a hundred times. For a lucky few, picking a college major is easy. But for most people, finding that perfect combination of interesting area of study and rewarding career path can be elusive. And that’s OK.

Due to global demand for advanced technologies and increasing dependence on machines, universities are continuing to add more STEM majors to their catalogs. You might discover that your interest in video games translates into a cyber gaming degree. Or that your love for working with your hands lays a perfect foundation for a mechanical engineering major. Whatever your passion is, here are some valuable reasons why you should consider one of these majors for yourself:

1. STEM and Creative Freedom Go Hand-in-Hand
One might view STEM as purely left-brained, rigid fields. But it takes a great deal of creativity to formulate new ideas and solve problems. Whether it’s undersea exploration or fast cars that get your gears going, there are countless areas of emerging STEM subjects that give you the freedom to research areas that truly interest you.

2. Find a Rewarding Career
STEM isn't only computer stuff. There are so many diverse, fulfilling career options for students studying this field (STEM careers). You could study physics to become a space researcher for NASA, or study biology to become a medical scientist. Moreover, your major doesn't even have to follow a strictly linear career path. You could study one of many types of engineering majors (Engineering Majors) and end up becoming a renowned college professor and industry leader. Despite seeming fixed, STEM careers are in reality very fluid and evolve with the world's needs.

3. One-Of-A-Kind College Experiences

Corporate interest in STEM means that students majoring in these subjects have access to incredible resources, research and programs. For example, you could apply to become a Google Scholar or intern at the U.S. Department of Defense. These opportunities are exclusive only to STEM majors due to the background and skills required.

4. Post-Graduation Job Security
There is no doubt that students studying STEM have more opportunities to play the field when looking for jobs. A student pursuing a computer science degree might land a job as a mobile app developer at a tech start-up or as a robotics expert. The world is your oyster when you have a STEM degree, since demand for these hard skills is increasing globally. STEM employers also have a history of providing employees with perks and competitive pay in return for expertise.

5. Solve Problems

If you want to make an impact in the world and solve problems like antibiotic resistance and clean water shortages, then majoring in STEM is a no brainer. At its heart, STEM enables students to create long-lasting solutions for the world's biggest challenges. By giving students a background in technical and holistic skills, these majors provide a strong framework to tackle any problem.

Still not convinced that majoring in STEM is right for you? Do your homework and find out more about STEM, or find an industry event near you to get a behind-the-scenes look. Students shouldn't shy away from these majors; they're for anyone looking to make a difference.

By Author: Scott Rhodes
Vice Provost of Enrollment
With an 18-year background in higher education, Scott Rhodes leads enrollment and recruitment strategies for Florida Polytechnic University His responsibilities encompass undergraduate admissions, graduate enrollment and enrollment marketing, financial aid, student records and registration and enrollment market research.


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