Survive student life

The college planning process is one that can often become stressful. Remember to focus on yourself and take time to relax before jumping into this next stage of your life. Here, we'll give you tips on how to have your best year...and how to start your first year of college off right.

How to Begin Investing While in College

And start building your net worth early

How Can You Improve Sleep Schedule in 6 Easy Steps

Maintaining a good sleeping habit can improve your mood and health in order to perform better in school

6 Key Elements To Transform Your Classroom

Transforming your classroom is one of the important aspects of creating a good school environment.

Studying 101: How to Step Up Your Study Game

And get the results you want

Tips for Preventing Sports and Other Injuries While in School

Taking a few precaution can help to prevent serious injuries

How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation for College

And develop a core skill for life

How to Use Online Learning to Connect and Conquer COVID Slide

A recent college grad shares tips and tools to avoid social and academic isolation during distance learning

Tips for Improving Your College-Level Writing

The expected level of student's writing in college is much higher

Things College Students Should Know About the Internet in 2020

It is best to take a few necessary steps in order to be more effective

Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash While in School

There are many jobs you can consider while working from home

Advice For Dealing With Mental Health Challenges in School

Keeping a healthy mental balance is key to your success

How to Study Much More Efficiently at Home

Pandemic has forced many students to study and do more on their own

Recommended Activities for College Students Under Stress

Strategies to balance between academic life and health and happiness

Popular Leadership Books For Young Adults

6 books that should be on your reading list

Helpful Guidelines for School Safety During Emergencies

Planning and following some basic rules will ensure safety for everyone during emergencies such as fire, natural disaster, bomb threats, or active shooting

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