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4 Tips to Improve Productivity in High School

Being a high school student today requires balancing many repsonsibilities.

4 Tips to Improve Productivity in High School

Being a high school student today requires balancing various responsibilities, from attending classes, and extra-curricular activities to completing homework and exam preparation. Juggling these demands can be challenging for students, creating stress and feelings of overwhelm and burnout that can not only affect their academic performance but also their mental health.

To help make the academic path smoother this article has outlined some tips and strategies to help you become more productive in high school and maintain a healthier and happier work-life balance.

Clear Your Space

Whether you’re studying from home or at school, having a clear workspace can be better for your brain, and improve your productivity. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, removing clutter from workspaces can be beneficial for your brain and your work.

Researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that the brain prefers order, and that visual displays of disorganization can drain its cognitive abilities, leading to a loss of focus. They went on to discover that when clutter was cleared from workspaces, participants were better able to focus and process information, resulting in an increase in productivity. Keeping your workspace organized and with minimal clutter can help improve your ability to focus on your studies, positively affecting productivity.

Be Distraction-Free

As well as visual distractions resulting from an untidy desk or workspace, there are numerous other distractions that can cause you to lose focus and reduce the quality of your work. In this digital age, smart devices with their various notifications from friends and social media can be a common distraction for many students.

To maintain your focus and high levels of productivity, make sure to keep your smart devices out of arm’s reach and silent during study times. In addition, keeping only the essential tabs open on your laptop will also help you to stay focused and avoid the temptation of viewing sites that are unrelated to your studies.

Consider Software Solutions

Digitization can also bring many benefits to you when it comes to your productivity and it pays to take advantage of the many helpful online tools, resources and software available to you today.

Apps such as Grammar can help you with proofreading and spelling, ensuring your work is grammatically correct and error-free, and apps like Evernote can help with taking notes, creating to-do lists and setting deadlines. Just as schools use scheduling systems like Teach 'n Go to help teachers easily schedule classes, you can also keep track of your timetables, tasks, and deadlines using apps like Todoist, Google Calendar and Microsoft To Do.

Avoid Multi-tasking

While high school students have an array of competing tasks to complete within the same timeframe, it can be counter-productive to try to complete them all at once. Instead, allocate a time slot for each assignment and give it your full focus and attention during that time. For instance, consider using a technique like the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for focused intervals such as 25 minutes followed by short breaks.

This can help you maintain your concentration, resulting in a higher quality of work and a higher level of productivity.

Follow these tips to help you improve your productivity in high school and achieve your academic goals with greater ease and enjoyment.


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