College after homeschool

Planning your next step after high school

 College after homeschool

Are you a homeschooler? Do you have your sights set on college? If so, we have some great advice just for you!

The end is in sight — you’re almost at the finish line!

Your parents took on the huge responsibility of educating you at home. You had your part, too. You may not have had a bus to catch, but you still had to work algebraic formulas, read classic literature and maybe even had the chance to dissect an earthworm. Now you’re anticipating the next chapter of your life.

High school is a time of transition into adulthood and with it comes more responsibility. This is the time for reviewing and polishing your habits, regardless if you have been educated at home or in a traditional classroom at school.

Let’s look at some guidelines of what you should be doing now to ease stress and help you take the next step.

Work ethic
Developing a good work ethic is essential for success in any endeavor and college is no exception. Having a job or participating in civic, church or community deters laziness and develops diligence and productivity — all increasing your chances for success in college and career. Work and success go hand in hand.

Study skills
It’s time to brush up on time management, taking notes, studying and passing exams. Challenge yourself by enrolling in an online course. For example, Ed2Go offers non-credit online courses through over 1,800 colleges and universities. Courses are available for high school students through some colleges. The courses run for six weeks and most cost $65.

Dual enrollment
Dual enrollment means taking one or more college courses while being homeschooled. An example is taking a class in intermediate algebra, biology or a foreign language in addition to your regular schoolwork.

Did you know that a one-semester college course is equal to a one-year high school course? Depending on the college, credits may be transferrable once you enter college, so be sure to do your research.

College preparatory programs
Federal TRIO programs provide assistance for middle and high school students: Upward Bound, Talent Search, and the Student Support Services Program address either first-generation college students, low income or students with disabilities.

Check online or with your school district for state, community and non-profit programs in your area.

Colleges are becoming more familiar with homeschooled students and many are eager to enroll them — that’s great news for you! Visit the college websites you are interested in and you will likely find information to assist you with admission requirements. Prep classes, study guides, practice tests and test dates can be found online and you will get a feel for what you can expect during the application process.

Remember, the chapter on your high school and homeschool education will soon close, but another opens as you pursue a college degree. The transition to college will be less stressful with thoughtful planning as you take the appropriate steps to enter this new season of your life. Have confidence in knowing that you are well-prepared and your college career will be both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Kathleen Moulton is a freelance writer and the mother of eight children. She is in her 26th year of homeschooling and is currently teaching her 11 and 17 year old sons.


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