Horticulture Jobs | Careers in Horticulture

Horticulture Jobs | Careers in Horticulture

Careers in Horticulture

Interested in working outdoors? Check out www.hortcareers.com/ to learn that landscape or ornamental horticulture:

·    Is the #1 leisure activity in North America

·    Is estimated at $6.5 billion annually in gross revenues and growing at 15 per cent per year in Ontario

·    Employs over 100,000 in more than 10,000 businesses

Here are some common job titles for the field, as provided by Ken Nentwig, professor in the horticulture program at Ridgetown College and Chairman of the Ontario Horticulture Educators Council. For more info, visit www.schoolofhorticulture.com.


Horticulture jobs are as diverse as the outdoors.  Check out this list careers in Horticulture.


Horticulture Jobs


·    Arborist

·    Equipment operator

·    Garden centre management

·    Garden equipment and supply dealer

·    Golf course superintendent

·    Greenhouse manager/grower

·    Floral designer

·    Horticultural technician

·    Horticultural research

·    Landscaping contractor

o        Estimator

o        Landscape architect

o        Landscape designer

o        Manager

o        Construction foreperson

o        Construction superintendent

o        Salesperson

o        Stone mason

o        Carpenter

o        Landscape technician

·    Landscape designer

·    Lawn care management

·    Nursery manager/grower

o        Plant propagator

o        Inventory controller

o        Field foreperson

o        Field superintendent

o        Manager

o        Salesperson

o        Sales manager

o        Shipping foreperson

o        Broker

·    Parks and recreation technician

Careers in Horticulture -Self-employment


Interior Plantscaping

·     Designer

·     Grower

·     Salesperson

·     Construction Foreperson

·     Maintenance Foreperson

·     Crew Member, Construction or Maintenance

·     Stone Mason

·     Carpenter

Irrigation Contracting

·     Technician

·     Irrigation Auditor

·     Designer

·     Sales Representative

Golf Courses

·     Golf Course Superintendent

·     Assistant Superintendent

·     Golf Course Technician

·     Equipment Operator

·     Turf Specialist

Grounds Management And Lawn Care

·     Foreperson

·     Crew Leader

·     IPM Supervisor

·     IPM Technician

·     Sales Representative

·     Licensed Pesticide Applicator

·     Estimator

Garden Centre

·     Buyer

·     Merchandiser

·     Manager

·     Specialist: Perennials, Giftware, Water Garden, Nursery Stock, etc.

·     Salesperson

·     Promotion and Marketing Specialist

·     Greenhouse Manager


·     Grower

·     Production Superintendent

·     Marketing Manager

·     Inventory Controller

·     Buyer

·     Wholesale Florist

·     Salesperson

Horticulture Jobs in Parks Systems

·     Executive Director of Parks

·     Operations Manager

·     Superintendent of Parks

·     Horticultural Technician

·     Park Planner

·     Greenhouse Manager

·     Horticultural Supervisor

·     Gardener

·     Horticultural Foreperson

·     Landscape Architect

Landscape Designer/Architect

·     Landscape Designer

·     Senior Landscape Architect

·     Landscape Architect

·     Draftsperson

·     Biologist

·     Estimator

Horticulture Jobs in Botanical Gardens, Arboretums And Horticultural Gardens

·     Writer

·     Plant Propagator

·     Educational Director

·     Librarian

·     Horticulturist

·     Director

·     Superintendent of Operations

·     Gardener

·     Curator

·     Plant Pathologist

·     Plant Entomologist

·     Conservation Manager

·     Arborist

·     Greenhouse Manager

·     Grower

Horticulture Jobs in Education And Research

·     Horticulture Teacher:  High School, College or University

·     Extension Agent

·     Researcher

·     Horticultural Technician

·     Consultant

·     Plant Pathologist

·     Plant Entomologist

·     Garden Communicator

·     Writer

·     Plant Inspector

·     Horticultural Therapist

Check out careers in horticulture and many other fields at NextStepU


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