The Best Mobile Productivity Applications For College

Simple apps let students save time, and support studies in college and beyond

The Best Mobile Productivity Applications For College

Meeting a student without a smartphone is almost impossible. The cost of such devices has greatly decreased, making it difficult to find a person who doesn’t own one. The main feature of modern smartphones is the ability to install additional applications or apps. Often people download games and social media apps in order to kill their time in classes. In this article, we will recommend some productivity applications for students that will help in their studies.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Schools make efforts to have all students remain committed to the school and academic activities, which sometimes includes blocking certain websites on campus. Unfortunately, restricting such websites sometimes inadvertently blocks access to excellent educational content. For example, YouTube is a website with lots of instructional videos that can broaden the understanding of any student with access to the website. offers useful advice and recommendations about using VPNs.

In the past, the class schedule was written in a notebook. Now, it is better to use a smartphone that is always near you. iStudiez is this kind of utility (the Android version is called myHomework Student Planner). It is able to remind you about classes and provides the function of offering reminders about homework that is due. The developers recently even introduced the ability to record grades. The program can be used not only by college students, but also by schoolchildren.

Myscript Calculator
If mathematical examples were easy in high school, unfortunately they may become more challenging in college. In your math classes you may encounter complex, multistep problems. For such calculations, MyScript Calculator was invented.

In this application, all formulas can be written in by hand. A smartphone automatically translates everything written into signs, after which the correct answer is provided. The main difference from the usual calculator is the ease of entering the example. It is an indispensable program for learning when you need to solve algebra.

You can take a photo of a textbook page without the help of auxiliary applications. But if you need to photograph a few dozen pages from different books, it is better to use a scanner and an appropriate computer program. In this case, Scanbot comes to the rescue.

This application allows you to photograph the text simply and easily. You can immediately sort the pictures taken in different albums. And the program can automatically convert images to PDF-files.

Star Walk
Many schools offer astronomy, often for a science requirement. If you are taking astronomy or are just curious to see the sky above you, then download Star Walk to your smartphone. This application contains the names of many stars, constellations, and planets.

It is very simple to use. You just have to run the program and point the camera of your phone toward the sky. The application will show which stars are located at that point in space. If you touch some astronomical object, the utility will display more information about it.

Archimedes Calculator
In many of your STEM classes, you will need to use a scientific calculator. In fact, this is a calculator that supports not only integrals and logarithms but also trigonometric functions. But there is no need to buy a calculator (or go back to your dorm room if you have forgotten it). The app is also able to build great graphics. Archimedes Calculator is a must-have for every student in a mathematical major.

Duolingo is an indispensable app for those who want to improve their understanding of the English language. The program motivates and teaches students. Every time a user successfully passes a lesson, they get an achievement. Complete the entire training course, and you receive the maximum number of achievements. After this, you are well on your way to perfecting your language skills.

Evernote is the world's most popular app for notetaking. Evernote can be used on any phone, tablet or desktop, allowing you to share notes across. Evernote has a great system for organizing notes, which can be annotated with text comments, photos, or videos.
This application will help to outline a course or thesis plan, follow the schedule of classes, and much more.
Key features for the application:
  - Creating lists.
  - Creating virtual libraries, movie catalogs, or illustrations.
  - Saving web articles.
  - The ability to share notes via Facebook or Twitter.

As you can see, there are many programs starting with a VPN that can support today’s college students during their time in school. And moving beyond school, several of these apps are likely to prove useful as students move into the real world and their first careers.


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