Some Exciting Career Paths To Consider

Align your career with the person that you are

Some Exciting Career Paths To Consider

Finding a career can be a source of great confusion and panic. We struggle when we see friends and classmates who were able to comfortably choose or vacation or are already thriving in their careers. Many already seem to know where they want to end up while you are just not at that place just yet. If you find yourself struggling with finding a future career path, here are a few ideas, including some paths for those who think a traditional college route might not be the right fit for them.

The great thing about this career path is that you can specialize in whatever field you find interesting from local news to entertainment to business. There are many diverse and interesting career paths for you to explore if you go down this route. You might find yourself reporting on local events in your town for a newspaper, reporting from war zones for Cable news, making documentaries, or running an online blog for a magazine. There isn’t one single specified route into this career; some will get undergraduate journalism degrees but you can also do a different degree and still enter the field. For example, many students that majored in English or History might want to put their writing and research skills to use. An undergrad major in biology that decided a career in medicine wasn’t the right fit, might decide to cover health care. If you want to do an undergraduate degree but not specifically in journalism, you can always pursue a Master’s degree in journalism later. Overall, journalism is an exciting, especially if you have a natural knack for writing.

Personal Trainer
If you are a gym fanatic, did you know that you can turn this into a career? Becoming a personal trainer will involve some studying to become certified. You need to learn the science of building muscle, injury prevention and how the body recovers. You will learn about the role of diet, sleep and exercise in helping your clients. Once you are certified, you can begin training your own clients, work as trainer at a gym, and develop your own fitness programs. If you want to succeed as a personal trainer, choose a specialty that will help you determine what kind of training and certifications you will need. Speak to other gym trainers and see what the different routes they took into this career.

What does it take to become a chef? You may have a natural skill for cooking and wonder if you can make this into a future career. There are no specific qualifications to get into the culinary industry, but many will go to different cooking schools. Some will become a trainee chef directly in kitchens. Having a culinary qualification is beneficial to getting in the door, however. You might be able to take this at a local institution. As a chef, you can work in various places including a restaurant, in someone’s home, or a bakery.

There are endless places to work and cuisines to learn. The world always needs cooks and jobs are readily available. Maybe you are interested in your own family’s traditional cuisine or want to branch out and learn about different regions. Whatever your culinary interest, you can learn about the field through formal educational programs or gaining practical experience at a restaurant near you.

Graphic Designer
Graphic design involves creating images that capture the imagination and communicate effectively to the public. These designs can be used to promote a brand or business in advertisements or magazines. Perhaps you are trying to design a public awareness campaign. Virtually every company or organization uses graphic design to communicate their mission. There are various ways to get into this career. Many will enroll in a graphic design or visual arts program at a school nearby. If you have a natural talent and interest, you might choose to self-educate or take a more limited certification course to further your skills and apply to graphic design firms nearby.

Photographer (and Videographer)
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is a broad field as professional photographers handle everything from capturing local news events to creating cutting edge fashion shoots to underwater photography. There are many ways to develop a career in this field. You might shoot weddings, work for a local paper or do portraits. Over time, you may specialize in one field and become an expert in that area. Though don’t worry, you don’t need to decide this just now. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy the creative process, explore, and find out where your strengths and interests align.

Massage Therapist
Massage therapists provide physical relief and healing to their clients through manipulating muscles, soft tissues, and treating injuries. As the world ages and the number of sports and workplace injuries grow, demand for therapists only increases over time. You will need to become certified in order to learn the best techniques, safety, and skills necessary to thrive. Even if you are a great natural masseuse, getting certified will teach you a lot, especially for clients suffering from specific injuries that need focused attention. Many massage therapists will often branch out into health-related modalities that complement their massage skills, for example diet, lifestyle or even yoga. If you are interested in health and wellness, this could be a good starting point for you.

There are only a few potential careers out there for you. The world is full of limitless possibilities, and you can carve a career out of whatever interests you have. Some fields require a traditional 4-year degree. A certification program is a good entry point to other fields. Do not feel the need to limit yourself, instead ask yourself where your interest and aptitudes lie. Talk to people in the field and try if possible try to get some practical exposure. Allow yourself to turn your passions into your dream career. Your career has a huge impact on the life you have. The more your career is aligned with the person you are, the happier and more fulfilled you will be.


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