Best Strategies for Learning a New Language

And opening up new opportunities for your career, travel, and friendships

Best Strategies for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is something everybody should try at least once in their life. Studying a new language allows you to acquaint yourself with a different culture and society and helps enable you to immerse yourself in their community. A new language can do everything from allow you to travel across the world and see things you could only dream to make friends while you do so. There are also practical considerations. There are many more opportunities available to those who speak more than one language. It is easier to market yourself to potential employers. This page will seek to tell you the best strategies for learning a new language.

Audio Applications
Audio applications that show you how to pronounce words can be a brilliant way of learning a new language. Whether you are learning to start saying thank you or hello, these applications can be very beneficial. They work by slowly pronouncing the words for you, so you can follow along and pick them up for yourself. For languages such as Thai and Arabic that have scripts unlike those we are familiar with or languages like Mandarin Chinese were the characters are not phonetic, this can be a great asset and an easy way to learn.

Watch Teledramas
Surprisingly, watching foreign teledramas is a method many people adopt to learn a new language. Sitting in front of a television with a pen and paper watching your favorite soap operas is hardly a conventional method of learning a new language, but amazingly, it works well for some people. More generally, foreign television programs and picking up the language from them can be highly effective and very fun. If you struggle to learn in a classroom environment or dedicating yourself to hours of rigorous and painstaking revision, then watching teledramas could be the method for you!

Community College
Community college is perhaps the most traditional method of learning a new language. There is no shortage of community college language courses for you to enroll on. Community college courses can vary in intensity, but many schools will offer a range of different languages. And the cost of enrolling in a course is often lower at community colleges than other schools. However, the courses themselves can be very time demanding, which is a reason many people opt to learn at home. If you have other commitments, such as work or children, then a community college course may not work for you.
If you can find the time for a course, however, you will be very pleased with your decision. These courses are very effective and have great success in making people improving their skill in the language of their choosing.

Online Courses
An in-person classroom environment is, of course, not for everybody. If you struggle to learn in a classroom, or simply find it too demanding to fit into your schedule, then an online course could be a great asset to you. These courses, similar to college courses, vary in intensity. Online courses vary greatly in cost however and you will need to do your research. By comparison, some community college course may be cheaper or in some cases free.
It can be worth the extra money though. Online courses have a high success rate and enable you to learn a language from the comfort of your own home, which can both help you relax and increase your concentration. You can also dedicate more time to learning a language as you will not have to factor in travel to and from your college course and use this time instead to focus on learning online.

Hire a Tutor
One on one tutoring is another very popular method of learning a new language. Finding a professional tutor who is fluent in the language you wish to learn can be a great way to ensure success in learning your new tongue. Hiring a tutor is a very personal experience, and rather than learning from a computer, or a teacher who has only adapted to teaching entire classes, you will be afforded an intimate and specialized experience with your teacher, and they will be able to work around you. Everybody learns differently, and tutors adapt to this.
Unfortunately, however, tutors quite often cost a lot of money, which means they are not accessible by most people. However if you can afford a tutor and find you learn best one on one, this method can be highly effective.

Read a Book
Teaching yourself from a language book is another highly effective method of learning. You can quite often find these books at a library or second-hand and they can be a great asset to you and can enable you to learn your new language fluently.

Now you know a few ways that you can learn a new language. Learning a second tongue is something everybody should do at least once in their life and it will open many new doors and provide opportunities you could have never dreamed of.


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