Your holiday wish list: Dorm edition

Finalize your holiday AND your dorm wish list!

Your holiday wish list: Dorm edition

Holiday greetings, everybody! Now that your applications are turned in and Turkey Day has come and gone, it is time for you to finalize your Christmas list. And you should be asking for stuff you want and need. Here’s a list of fun dorm stuff that are necessities for every college freshman.


1. Alarm clock
I recommend one with an iPhone/iPod dock, so your stuff can charge during the night. Plus, it’s nice to have an actual clock in your room.

2. Area rug
Whether it is linoleum or carpet, you can count on your floor being on the ugly side of the beige spectrum. Invest in a nice, medium-sized rug so your room won’t look like a jail cell.

3. Curtains
Venetian blinds are depressing. Enough said.

4. Desk organizer
Pens, pencils,  highlighters, paper clips, staples, post-its, random pieces of mail, chargers, files, rulers, hole punches. All of this and more will be in your desk, so at least get some plastic dividers or something.

5. Laptop cover
You will be carting your computer everywhere. And it probably will be new. So get something to protect it from being scratched and will cushion it falls.

6. Lamp
You know how fluorescent lights make everybody look like they have a cold? Well, they are also cheap. That’s what will illuminate your dorm room, so bring your own softer, more forgiving lamp.

7. Mattress cover
This will make your bed more comfortable and will ensure you never have to see your disgusting mattress again. Win-win!

8. Lap desk
Let’s be honest: You will study and do homework from your bed. Get a small lap desk so you won’t automatically fall asleep and so you have a surface to write on.

9. Small television with built-in DVD player
For relaxation on weekends! Or for background noise while you are studying. Or for procrastination…

10. Shoe rack/Closet organizer
I was lucky to have great closet space my first year of college. That is not normal. Get a shoe rack, some plastic shelves or drawers, and some wall hooks to maximize the amount of apparel you can fit into your room.


At first glance, this list might seem a little boring. But believe me; you will want all of this stuff. It will personalize the void of white space that is your freshman dorm and will make your life a whole lot more comfortable.

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