Why I chose college as my next step

I’ve always known that I’d go to college. The hard part was deciding which one

Why I chose college as my next step In my family, it was never a question of whether my brothers and I would go to college. College was treated as a very natural step after high school, just as high school was after middle school. Homework was never optional, and halfhearted efforts in school were frowned upon, quickly followed by a discussion on the importance of personal best efforts at all times.

We would often hear about the power of the written word; in fact, my brothers and I all had library cards even before we could write our names.

Going through grade, middle and especially high school, I knew I would be attending college; it was that simple. I also knew that every quiz, test and homework grade was an important step along the road to collegiate acceptance.

It was my job as a student to position myself to be able to attend the college I chose and not merely the one that chose me.

With that in mind, I was very intentional about building a strong résumé, making sure that all the major categories, such as school-related activities, achievements, extracurricular activities and community service were well represented.

My grades were a top priority, and I made the honor roll all four years of my high school career at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis. AP classes were part of my curriculum as a junior and senior, and I graduated high school with 18 college credits.

While in middle school, my parents took me along when my older brothers went to visit colleges.

As I got older, I began giving serious thought to a future career and what I would study in college. Becoming a veterinarian has been my dream since the seventh grade, and it is still what I want to do.

After a conversation with a family friend and additional independent research, I narrowed my choices to Tuskegee University (tuskegee.edu) and Purdue University (purdue.edu).

I am now attending Purdue University, where I am majoring in Spanish and biology. I am both excited and nervous to be making yet another transition in my life, but I know it will be a great experience, and one I plan to make the most of.

Change is always stressful, and college will undoubtedly be very different from high school. I look forward to learning both in the classroom and in the classroom of life.


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