Military Branches

Which U.S. Military Branch Should I Join?

Military Branches


Do you want to serve your country while making lifelong friends and exploring your passions? Here is more information on careers in the military by branch.


Military Branches



The Army needs approximately 80,000 to 90,000 new enlistees and 7,000 new officers each year.

Look into the Army if you’re interested in operating tanks, flying helicopters and launching missiles.



The Navy recruits over 40,000 people each year to fill openings in Navy career fields. Look into this if you’re interested in nuclear power, intelligence, law and medicine and other scientific careers.


Air Force

Look into the U.S. Air Force if you love to fly. You can also help the Air Force’s flying mission working as firefighters, aircraft mechanics, security police or air traffic




If you’re a Marine, prepare to be strong and able. You may either have to operate a 60-ton tank, set up a communications outpost or operate a fighter jet. While the other branches accept thousands and thousands of new recruits annually, the Marines only accept about 1,500 per year.


Coast Guard

The mission of the Coast Guard is to protect America’s coastline and water. They also maintain lighthouses and may combat illicit drug trafficking.


National Guard

Back in the 1600s, citizens would protect their families and hometowns from attacks. Now, the tradition is quite similar in that National Guard soldiers usually have civilian jobs like building schools or farms.


Give one of the military branches a try if...

You love your country, want to work hard at what you do and are very passionate about your line of work.




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