What are SAT subject tests?

Students may be required to take the SAT Subject Tests to get into college or test into classes.

What are SAT subject tests? SAT Subject Tests are one-hour exams offered in 20 subjects that measure achievement in foreign languages, mathematics, sciences, history and literature.

If your teen’s grades in college-preparatory courses are good, he may want to take one or several of these tests to demonstrate content mastery. A number of colleges use SAT Subject Test scores for various purposes:

• Admission: Some colleges require Subject Tests for admission for all students. Others require them only for certain applicants, such as students who were homeschooled.

• Placement in honors programs

• Scholarship awards

• Advanced placement: Some colleges will allow students to skip introductory courses based on their Subject Test scores.

Excerpted from the 2007 College Handbook. Copyright © 2006 The College Board. Reproduced with permission. collegeboard.com


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