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Top 5 Dorm Trends

Ideas to make your dorm life easier and more stylish

Top 5 Dorm Trends

If you’re heading off to college for the first time, or even if you’re going back for next semester, you don’t want to feel like you’re out of the loop or unprepared. Even if you are not one to follow trends, it isn’t a bad idea to go with the flow when it comes to making your life easier and your space more stylish. Adding comfortable, fashionable and/or essential dorm room items should be one of those things! Let us help you get the best looking dorm room (and most comfortable Twin XL bed) on campus with our Top 5 Dorm Trends!

1) College Shelving                                 

To start off our list, we’re going to get practical. A lot of college dorm rooms don’t have the size you need for all of your college stuff, so what do you do with it? Throwing it on the floor seems like an easy solution, though probably not the best. That is why considering shelves, storage and organizers such as the Suprima line that will create storage areas by utilizing the space in your dorm room. Most dorm rooms will have a desk, and that can be a sizeable piece of furniture in your room. So why not take that desk and add some storage space to it? Moving a mini-fridge into your dorm room? There are storage units designed to fit the dorm room fridge. These durable items are also easy to assemble, so you can have your dorm room ready within minutes. While not glamorous, it is incredibly important to consider including storage and shelfing on your college essentials list.

2) Easy Laundry Days
Now we’re getting into some really fun stuff, which is probably going to sound weird when I tell you that our #2 dorm trend centers around a laundry bag. And when you see how much easier your college life is going to be with less stressful laundry days, you’ll start to see the time it frees up for busy college students. A duffle laundry bag is designed with busy college students in mind. These laundry bags keep your dirty laundry in a place if you don’t want anyone to see that you haven’t had a chance to wash and they are easy for transporting your laundry to your campus laundry room.

3) Stylish Textured Bedding
In a lot of college dorm rooms, your Twin XL (or Full) sized bed might end up being the center of attention. This gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and style with the right college bedding items. One big way to make a statement is with textured Twin XL bedding with a unique design. Consider stylish Twin XL bedding or anything with Ruffles to upgrade the look of your dorm. College bedding pieces can add the needed warmth and comfort to your life while studying, sleeping or hanging out with friends.

4) Anything Plush
Your dorm room is going to be your home away from home, so plush college items can really help you feel more comfortable. From your Twin XL bedding down to your dorm room floors, you can add plush accents that will add comfort and style to your new dorm. But some of the best plush items can be added to your bed to give you maximum comfort. There are fun bedding items that you can explore such as the Coma Inducer Bedding for college that is warm and snug, or the Bare Bottom Bedding that has products geared towards different temperatures and seasons. College is supposed to be about so many great things so why not adding some humor while shopping for dorm rooms. You can also check out the Me Sooo Comfy and Are you Kidding college sheets and blankets to help you relax and feel at home in your college dorm room.

5) Security
If you’re moving into a college dorm room your valuables are coming with you. A lot of dorm room thefts are quick ‘grab and go’ operations, so be prepared with some essential dorm room safes to protect your cell phone, laptop, money, passport, and whatever else you don’t want taken away from you. Dorm room security like portable safes that can also be anchored down are essential to avoid campus theft. These safes are great for keeping your bigger items like laptops and tablets safe, and of course any smaller items like money or jewelry. They are lightweight and can be portable. Let’s face it, when you’re away at college your laptop and phone are a critical part of your life, that’s what makes college security safes such an essential part of your dorm room.

So there you have it, the Top 5 Biggest Dorm Trends out there today! From useful dorm security and shelving to comfortable and stylish Twin XL bedding, there are so many unique items you can add to your college dorm room. For even more ideas, visit

By Taylor Razzani: Taylor Razzani is currently the Content Writer for DormCo, a College Dorm Supplies Superstore


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