Spring break safety — travel tips

Traveling this break? Stay safe from the road to the hotel and everything in between

Spring break safety — travel tips

On the road

• If you’re driving, have your car checked by a mechanic to ensure that you can make the duration of your trip. Many car places sell car safety or first aid kids that contain anything from jumper cables to a kit to change your tire. These are filled with useful objects that make unexpected issues a little easier and it would be worth the effort to purchase one.

• Always keep your car doors locked and windows up high enough where someone cannot reach in or unlock your door. This is equally as important when the car is both parked and when it's in motion.

• If you become tired switch drivers or pull off to a rest step to take a quick power nap. Be conscientious of time limits at certain rest stops.

• If you should breakdown or have car trouble, stay in your car until the person you’ve contacted is there to help. Avoid taking help from strangers who may come across you.

• When in an unfamiliar familiar area, avoid traveling vacant back roads and travel on heavily traveled highways, which will also reinforce your chances of not getting lost.

• This should go without saying, but under no circumstances should you pick up hitchhikers. If someone looks injured or in danger, call the authorities and wait inside your car. Some individuals use ploys like this to take advantage of innocent bystanders.

• Do not let anyone in your car drink alcohol, no matter what his or her age. Many states have open container laws that do not allow any person to drink alcohol.

Hotel check in

• Seek out of a room above the 1st floor and below the 6th floor. Statistics show that 1st floor rooms are easier to break into and rooms above the 6th floor can sometimes be hard for fire rescue ladders to reach in a state of emergency.

• Store valuables in a hidden place to avoid stolen items.

• Lock windows and all doors when you are not in the room.

• Note fire exits and stairwells.


• Consider travel insurance, especially if you’re going out of the country. Most regular policies don’t cover individuals outside of the U.S. Look for a policy that covers illness, injury and emergency evacuation coverage.

• Be up to date on vaccines and travel with any medicine you might need.

• Take a copy of your passport with you. If you think tan lines are a worst-case scenario, wait until you can’t get back into the country.

• Carry emergency cash and the phone numbers of those you travel with and local cab companies. You never when you might become separated or lose your phone and unfortunately we Millennial’s are no longer capable of memorizing phone numbers. Also carry the address of your hotel.

• Protect your location and avoid positing where you are checking in on social media sites such as FourSquare, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s good to document pictures, but you can go back and add your location later on. Twitter hashtags about spring break are another thing to take with caution. It makes tracking your whereabouts too easy.

• Research your area (especially if you’re out of the country and unfamiliar). Know law enforcement issues, food/water safety and travel warnings.

• Also research where you are staying and look for safety reviews.

• Make copies of identification and medical papers.

• Always let those at home and those you are traveling with know where you are and if your plans change.


• Go to the ATM in groups and during the day and always check around you before entering your information or taking out your card.

• Avoid loose bags and putting things in your back pocket where you can easily be pick-pocketed.

• Travel with cash to avoid losing your credit card and having your identity stolen.

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