Being Recruited for College Sports

Ask the Recruit Doctor about recruiting weekend

Being Recruited for College Sports


Being Recruited for College Sports? Tips for Success

Q: I am going on a recruiting overnight visit in a few weeks. What should I expect and is there anything I should do to prepare?

A: Yes! This is a time in the recruiting process when you can collect some great information about different schools and athletic programs. Typically, the weekend will consist of a meeting with the head and/or assistant coach, touring campus, staying with one of the current players and taking part in social activities. You might even be asked to play some pick-up games in your respective sport with the current players, so pack accordingly.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for being recruited:

1. Dress appropriately. I’m not saying wear a business suit, but look sharp and athletic. Business casual for when you meet with the coaches is a good idea. You should also bring some casual clothing for when you attend a campus event and some type of social gathering in the evening.

2. Interview attitude. This is a time when you can get a lot of information from current players about the school and the program. Things you can pick up on over the weekend include training rules, team rapport, campus activities and how the coach interacts with the players.

3. Be Prepared. Many recruiting trips include heading to a party on or off campus. Make sure you are ALWAYS comfortable with social situations or tell your host player you would rather do something else. Things you should have with you at all times include: cell phone (charged), at least $40 cash, a credit card, numbers for the head coach, your host player, campus security and a local taxi company. Make sure to have a “Plan B” if you get stuck in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation.

4. Be Smart. DO NOT drink alcohol. Most schools have a code of conduct for athletes, so be safe and smart.

5. Be Yourself. Don’t try to brag or impress your peers. Be respectful and use this time to get a feel for the school environment. Be mindful that your behavior will not only be evaluated by the coach, but also by the players during your weekend. Most coaches will call in current players after a recruiting weekend and ask their opinion on whether or not you will fit into their team chemistry.

6. Keep your parents in check. Make sure your parents don’t monopolize the conversation when you meet with the coach. The coach wants to interact and get to know you, not your parents.

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Chris Bianchi is the president of Red Penguin Athletics (, an athlete placement service in upstate New York.


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