Professors make great friends

Your professors are there to help you - don't shy away from them!

Professors make great friends

How many of you had that “us against them” mentality in high school? You know, you versus the teachers; the idea that they all had it in for you and wanted to make your life miserable. For whatever reason I felt that way, but once I started college, I realized just how misguided I was. Not only did I change my opinion, but I learned a valuable lesson that helped guide me through my academic tenure.

My professors were my best resources and they should be for you as well. They can be your lifeline; the difference between failing and succeeding in your college career. So, my advice to you is to take advantage of them! Make use of their office hours, introduce yourself once you get on campus, and make yourself known as someone who finds value in all your school has to offer.


Take your education seriously

One thing you need to realize is that college is not a joke. If your classes become a way to kill time between parties, your professors will NOT indulge you. Remember, you are supposed to be a responsible, productive adult now, so it’s up to you to decide your level of dedication. But, if you are serious about your schooling, you don’t have to go it alone! Should you choose to benefit from their services, your professors can be a compass for your academic journey.


Check into office hours

Most if not all of them should have office hours that they set aside specifically for students to seek them out and take advantage of their expertise. You will find out that your professors can be “normal” people, just like the rest of us, and you might even be able to develop a relationship that not only fulfills you on a scholastic level, but also on a friendship level. 

So, if you are intimidated by your classes, the workload, the pressures of college or simply want to make a connection, stop in and see a professor that you think you can relate to. You should consider your professors to be allies as you share in a partnership with them to get the most out of your college years.


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