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If you’re considering getting a degree as an adult, consider joining an online classroom.

Learn leadership online Dear Students,

When I first heard about distance learning, I turned the other way. I could not accept any part of the concept. I wanted my students and me to continue enjoying the personal touch of a traditional classroom.

But, as you may already have learned, never say “never” in relation to God’s plan!

To make a long story short, I ended up being called to the field of online education. I have recently served as director of online/faculty at the MacArthur School of Continuing Education at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA), a growing online program.

The PBA online programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s marketplace and its emerging leaders. I saw worship, prayer, Scriptures and other types of faith integration exercised in a cutting-edge technology and superior academic environment. Here’s what’s in store if you join us at PBA.

What to expect
Before you even start an online class at PBA, you are welcomed by your faculty and receive a syllabus in advance. This will help you prepare for the exciting learning experience ahead. As the class gets started, you cannot help but lose yourself in an atmosphere that strongly supports your learning needs.

The following are only some of the online classroom elements you enjoy as you enter cyberspace at PBA:

• A detailed online tutorial to assist you with e-learning
• An in-person and/or phone orientation to help prepare you to deal with the blessings and the challenges of online education
• An online syllabus to guide you through the course successfully
• An opportunity to enjoy both synchronous and asynchronous relationships with faculty and fellow students
• Qualified faculty who walk you through your course needs
• A dedicated Student Services Representative (SSR), available to address your non-course related questions and concerns
• A help desk to assist you with technical issues
• Online office hours with your faculty
• Practice exams for those of you who need to become comfortable with online testing
• Encouraging Scriptures to start your week
• Weekly prayers with your faculty and fellow students, including the opportunity to have prayer requests addressed
• A rich selection of worship songs to sustain you through those nights of long hours of class work
• Quality lectures that reflect a strong marriage of academic and experiential backgrounds
• Discussions that address both course material and faith
• An opportunity to ask questions daily so that you receive the help you need to complete assignments on time
• The technology to e-mail adjuncts and faculty from within your online classroom
• A private mailbox to post assignments and receive feedback
• Daily access to your grades
• A notice board where you can share documents
• A collection of quality resources to use for research papers, discussions and exams
• Access to a wide source of online materials and a library assistant who cares about your research needs.

What’s coming
We are constantly developing new ways to meet your needs. Here are some features that are in progress:

• Your own private online advising room, where you can meet with your adviser online and share documents as needed
• An online student lounge that keeps you informed of program changes and other information and allows for interaction with fellow students and faculty
• An online writing lab

Come join us!
Would you like to invest your money and time in a learning experience that will help you grow into a balanced leader? Would you like to learn the skills that are in high demand in the 21st century? Are you looking for an opportunity to grow your faith in a learning environment?

If these are your goals and aspirations, then I encourage you to try it the PBA way! I hope to meet you soon in PBA’s cyberspace classroom! 

Dr. Dale A. Dan is part of the online faculty at the MacArthur School of Continuing Education at Palm Beach Atlantic University.


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