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Are you already helping high school students and their parents get a grip on their college planning? Next Step Education Group is currently offering their program for licensing.

You will most likely be interested in licensing our program if you are a current or former high school counselor working with local families on college planning or have your own college consulting business.

Next Step provides you with training and the materials you need to a deliver successful college and career planning experience. Additionally, you’ll be part of our Next Step College Planning Community which aims to have events and resources that will keep you on the cutting edge of college planning.

Our content was developed with more than 40+ years of college counseling experience. 
The materials and method are written so that you will be able to assess your students' strengths and then walk them through college and career choices that will best suit their needs after high school, and help them to afford it. 

What the Next Step College Prep Program Covers

• A college and career planning workbook download for printing
• Powerpoints that coordinate with the workbook lessons for group work
• Access to a private website with step-by-step college planning that utilizes videos, homework, handouts and articles
• A private Facebook community of educators using the Next Step College Prep Program
• The opportunity to request training and support from Next Step

The website materials include videos, homework, handouts and articles relating to the following areas:


  1. Courses to Take
  2. Major/Career Plans
  3. Calculating Costs
  4. Postsecondary Options
  5. College Search Factors


  1. Exploration & Research
  2. Campus Visits
  3. Reviewing Your List
  4. Extracurriculars
  5. Evaluating Colleges


  1. Making Decisions
  2. Creating a College List
  3. Testing - SAT/ACT
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Standing Out


  1. Applying to College
  2. Recommendations
  3. Essays & Resumés
  4. Showing Interest
  5. Choosing a College

See the Next Step College Planning Program in Action

Opportunities in Underserved Communities

The Next Step College Prep program is received very well in group settings like urban charter schools and community based organizations (like the Boys and Girls Club).


Dr. Jim Malone and David Mammano's delivery of the Next Step in-depth approach to college and career readiness was phenomenal. They met with a group of our junior class students to engage them into the college preparedness process. Their delivery connected with our young men, and was very insightful to the needs of our student population. Our students were attentive and enthusiastic in their participation. We hope to work further with Next Step in the future." — Melissa J. Sakofsky, School Counselor, University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men

From students who participated in the Next Step College Prep Program with URMC Teen Health and Success:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard about this opportunity, but I knew I needed help getting myself focused on college. Mr. Mammano was super nice and everyone made me feel welcome. I learned a lot about myself as both a student and a person."
Dr. Malone was so great — I wish I knew more school counselors like him! He really got me thinking about what school was a good fit for me and how I could make it possible to actually attend."
I really enjoyed the Holland's assessment book we worked in. It really allowed me to learn more about myself and to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. Doing this and receiving the feedback made me feel empowered!"
I feel more motivated than ever to get started on my plans for college. Thanks for letting me be a part of this."

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Licensing FAQ

Interested in licensing the Next Step College Prep Program? Check out these frequently asked questions. Contact us using the form above for more information or to request an interview.

What is Next Step Education Group?
Next Step Education Group is a national education company founded in 1995 as a magazine for high school students and delivered to the school counselors in bulk. When the magazine retired in 2013, Next Step continued to develop helpful and informative college planning content online. In 2014, Next Step added a 1-on-1 college planning model through a College Planning Center in Rochester, NY. With the help of licensing, college planning for families and community based organizations will be expanded.

How long have you offered this program?
Since March 2014.

Who are the customers who use the Next Step College Prep Program?
There are two types of customers who use this service. The first group is families in the Rochester area with a student in high school in either 10th, 11th, of 12th grade. These families meet with their assigned College Planner in one hour increments over the course of the school year. The other customer is community based organizations and high schools in underserved markets in the Rochester area. These classes are taught in groups of 10-20 students. Each organization will break up the classes differently, but the material can be covered in six hours broken up over two or three days.

Do you work with local school counselors?
School counselors in the area are very familiar with Next Step. We sent them free materials for 18 years and have always worked as a compliment to what the schools are already doing for college planning. Many school counselors and educators in the area recommend families to Next Step when possible. We also host breakfast events and informative meetings for just our school counselors friends.

nextstepu college planning

How long do you typically retain a client?
Families work with their College Planner for four or five appointments to complete the program. After that, many families will also work with a Financial Aid Expert for another two or three appointments. It is not unusual for a family to begin working with Next Step in their junior year of high school and continue to use our services until spring of senior year. High schools in underserved markets and community based organizations use Next Step's services at least once a year and then deliver the program the next year to another group of students.

How much does it cost to license the program?
An introductory rate of $995 per year is being offered. If you would like to break it up into quarterly payments, that cost is $275 four times per year. 


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