Inviting a guest speaker

Make your guest feel at home with these tips

Inviting a guest speaker

Inviting a member of the community to speak at your school is a great way for someone new to shed some light on a topic students have been anxious about — such as college planning or financial aid preparation.

Here are three ways you can make your guest speaker feel at home:

1. Make a sign

Don’t make your speaker feel lost — hang a banner on the front of the building or in the entranceway so that the speaker knows he or she is expected and welcomed. 

2. Send an email to the parents

Encouraging parent involvement lets the speaker know that you want the students to share what he or she is about to talk about with their family.

3. Encourage students to ask questions

Sometimes being put on the spot can keep students from asking their questions during the event. Instead, have them submit questions in advance to ensure that the speaker will have specific topics to cover that he or she knows your students care about.

Making sure your guest speaker feels important is a great way to guarantee that he or she will want to return year after year!

Looking for your next speaker?

David Mammano is an accomplished entrepreneur in the field of education. His mission is to help people realize their highest potential through education. To accomplish this mission, David founded NextStepU in 1995.

David is an advocate for finding your true passion and turning that into how you make your living. Often a one-on-one mentor when it comes to this topic, David has elevated his message into a presentation able to resonate with many who are looking for that next step in life.

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