Help students get involved outside of school

5 Important questions to ask students looking to build their resumés

Help students get involved outside of school

You may find it common for students to stress over having enough extracurricular activities to include on their resumés as they prepare to apply to colleges. If they haven’t been involved in their community or joined a number of clubs already, there are endless opportunities for them to get involved — and you can help! Here are five questions to ask students as you try to lead them in the right direction when it comes to joining extracurricular activities and building their resumés.


On the weekend, you are most likely to:

a. Get outside to play pick-up sports with your siblings, friends and neighbors.

b. Stay in your room and play your favorite video game.

c. Wait until someone texts you with something to do.

d. Attend a practice or game each day, depending on the season of your sport.


Over the summer you are most likely to:

a. Babysit your cousin or swim at the local pool with neighbors.

b. Play with your favorite apps until your eyes hurt.

c. Hang out, watch TV, wait for something to come up.

d. Attend numerous summer camps for your sport.


You're most interested in majoring in:

a. Education

b. Technology

c. Undecided

d. Sports management


Your dream job is:

a. Elementary school teacher

b. Video game or website designer/developer

c. Anything that comes your way after college

d. Working within a professional sport


Do you prefer working most with:

a. Children

b. One-on-one situations

c. Small or large groups

d. Large groups of people or in teams


Mostly A's:

This student is outgoing and always interested in staying busy. They like to be outside, so suggest he/she look into working or volunteering at a children’s summer camp. Help the student research local organizations to see what ages, activities, or sports interest them.


Mostly B's:

This student seems to love technology. A great opportunity just might await this student at your local public library. He/she can help organize the CD/game section, set up Internet stations or simply be available to help troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may come up.


Mostly C's:

This student may need a little extra push in the right direction. Find out more about his or her likes and activities and suggest something based on their candid responses. Depending on what this student tells you, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of where he/she might best fit in.


Mostly D's:

This student is a sports lover. They live their lives on the court or field and their time is filled with practice, games or team activities. Suggest local food banks or churches that offer weekly or monthly clothes or food drives as opportunities for students to get involved in, working around their busy schedules.


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