Take College Courses Online While in High School?

Here are three reasons to take college courses online while in high school

Take College Courses Online While in High School?

Did you know that you can take college courses online while in high school?

Here are the reasons why you should take college courses online while in high school.

Reason 1: You can learn a new subject

You’re probably already taking many high school basics, like math, English, writing and maybe even a language. Why not try learning a new language online?

There are many programs through which you can learn from native speakers.

Though most high school classes provide a good foundation for language learning, this is a good way to connect with other students across the world. (Check out myngle.com.)

Reason 2: You can connect with a accredited online college early

You don’t have to wait until after high school to get a taste of online college classes.

Several top colleges (even Ivy Leagues, like Harvard), offer online courses in interesting subjects.

Reason 3: It’s a chance to use your computer for something other than Facebook

Signing up for an online course is a great way to get out of the social Blog-o-Facebook sphere and actually use the computers as an online learning tool.

You’ll also stay active and learn how to interact with, speak to and learn from people and professors around the world. That’s great training for college!

Seize the opportunity to enroll in fun interactive courses online. Online courses from accredited online colleges allow you to enhance your academic résumé, connect with new teachers, and to do something different from your classmates who only use computers for games and chatting!

Ross Blankenship is an admissions expert and president of Top Test Prep (toptestprep.com), which provides private tutoring and admissions consulting to students and parents. Contact him at (800) 501-PREP.


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