Dorm room checklist

The ultimate guide to your dorm purchases. Really, we thought of everything

Dorm room checklist

It might seem like you have an endless list of supplies to get before you head off to college for the first time. However, some of those lists might include far more things than you actually need. Here, we break down the real essentials you need to have in your dorm room and nothing more.

Use this list to make sure you get these dorm-living essentials! 

Bathroom supplies

•  Shower caddy
•  Toothbrush holder
•  Robe (To use when running back to your room post-shower.)

Bedroom essentials

•  Twin extra-long sheets
•  Clock (Must have an alarm - a dorm essential!)
•  Mattress cover or egg crate (Makes it cushier!)
•  Full-length mirror
•  Bed risers
•  Floor pillows (For your guests to sit on, sparing your bed from random bottoms.)

Kitchen supplies

•  Mini fridge
•  Ramen noodles and bottled water
•  Silverware (You only need one or two settings, mostly for when you bring dinner back to your room.)
•  Plastic plates and cups
•  Microwave-safe cookware (Bring one regular pot if there’s a stove in the kitchen.)
•  Sponge and dish soap (Um, do clean your dishes before the mac and cheese gets crusted on.)

Clothing basics

•  Hoodies (To trudge to class and back, then immediately go back to bed.) 
•  Slippers
•  Flip-flops
•  Plastic hangers
•  Laundry bag and basket (Don’t leave them full of your favorite clothes in the communal laundry room; they will disappear!)


•  Phone (Both cell and other.)
•  Laptop and printer (You’ll never have to wait in line at the library!)


•  Plastic storage bins
•  Office supplies (Stapler, paper clips, folders, an easy button…wouldn’t that be great?)
•  Tool kit (The entire hall will need to borrow your hammer to adjust their beds and hang their posters.)
•  Marker board (To let your roommate know what’s up, and get random message from your hall mates.)
•  Area rug (Much better than stepping on the cold cement tiles.)
•  Fan
•  First aid stuff (Bandages, ointment, the stuff only your mom used to think of.)
•  Ibuprofen, cold and allergy medicine, throat lozenges (Your roommate will love you, and you won’t have to find the health center right away.)
•  Power strip, extra cables
•  An open mind - a dorm essential!


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