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What does it mean to join the Air National Guard? We break it down here

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Thinking about joining the military? First, you need to determine which branch is the best fit for you and your educational and career goals. If you’re looking to serve your community and country part-time, while receiving excellent career training and benefits — including up to 100% college tuition assistance — the Air National Guard may be the option for you.


What is the Air National Guard?

The Air National Guard serves a dual mission — both state and federal. On the state level, the Air Guard strives to protect the lives and property of citizens during times of natural disaster and preserve peace, order and public safety in local communities. The Air Guard’s federal mission involves assisting the government in defending the national interest of the United States. That means when the people in your state and community need you most, you’ll be there. And when our nation’s President calls, you’ll be ready to stand up for our country.


What are the benefits?

In the Air National Guard, you’ll earn both federal and state benefits. For students who choose to serve and learn, the Air National Guard provides tuition assistance that will help you pay for college while also serving your country. Depending on your state, the Air Guard offers up to 100% tuition to any state college or university.

Since the Air Guard has more than 140 units in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can serve close to home. That means you’ll have the chance to be successful in both your academic and your military pursuits. In addition, you’ll receive essential career training that will provide the skills you need to succeed in your career.


What are the career opportunities?

The Air Guard offers over 200 different career opportunities, in a wide range of job areas. If you choose to serve and attend college, the Air Guard provides the opportunity to get essential career skills in your chosen field.

If you’re interested in working in aviation, a career as a pilot is something you can pursue as part of the Air Guard. In addition to flying, pilots lead and train aircrew and are a vital part of the Air Guard’s mission success. Pilots receive extensive training that can provide a real advantage in pursuing a civilian career.

But it takes far more than pilots to keep the Air Guard functioning. In fact, almost any job you can find in the civilian world also exists in the Air National Guard. Some of the most in-demand careers are in the field of healthcare, since the health and well-being of all personnel is critical to mission readiness. Jobs that are available in this field through the Air Guard include everything from surgeons and radiologists to nurses and biomedical laboratory professionals.

No matter what you want to pursue, the Air National Guard can help you get there. With career training, educational benefits and the opportunity to serve close to home, the Air Guard is a great way to get your life off the ground.


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