Burn calories while studying!

Looking for a way to avoid the Freshman 15? Try studying!

Burn calories while studying!

Studying for a test, writing a paper, reading a book or typing can help you fight the freshman 15.

“The more energy an area of the brain wants, the more glucose that part of the brain will break down,” explains neurologist Harry Chugani of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. “So yes, if you’re thinking really hard and really struggling with your thoughts, the neurons in the frontal lobes of your brain will be burning a lot more glucose.”

According to healthstatus.com, it is possible for a person to burn between 60 to 100 calories or more by concentrating vigorously while studying, writing or typing.

Other factors that affect how many calories you’re burning include how much of the brain is being used to study, the position you study in, if you are eating, and if you are performing any other activities while studying.

An average female college student at approximately 126 pounds can burn a total of 270 calories in 60 minutes with the combined activities of sitting up straight, reading, writing and studying.

Remember, the next time you need to study for a midterm, configure a project, or write a paper, you will be burning calories without even being aware of it.

Andrea Grout is a senior at California Baptist University.


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