About.me can be a great resumé tool

Build your network with this new social networking site

About.me can be a great resumé tool

If you haven’t seen About.me yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s quickly gaining popularity as an effective social networking tool for job seekers. It allows you to create a personalized web presence using a simple, ascetically appealing interface. It brings together social media presence, your resumé skill set and everything in between.

Building your online presence

About.me allows you to organize all of your social media and online networking profile links into one place. You can link your LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and much more including any personal websites. It allows prospective employers to see your full digital presence in one place. The more you include, the more of a presence and impact you’ll have on your employers.

Very few limitations and wide availability

Some of your accomplishments and skills simply do not fit within the structure of a resumé. For instance, why you’re making a career shift, an explanation for gaps, or unique personal experiences and interests that might intrigue employers. These things might not fit within the constrains of your resumé but could add to your skill set that appeals to those looking at your work.

Increased visibility

About.me is a public platform, so it doesn’t require people to have to sign up or be an existing member to be able to view your information. It also houses your contact info in a safe and concealed place and gives employers and recruiters a way to get in touch without you getting excessive spam,

Customized URL to enhance searches

This interface allows you to select your own URL that includes your full name, which you can utilize the same way you might a custom URL in LinkedIn. It makes it easy to include on a resumé, cover letter, email signature or business card. Furthermore, it makes you easier to search for through things like the Google index, meaning you’re being displayed in relevant searches. You can even upgrade your account to use a custom domain.

As About.me grows it’s gaining major traction as a digital marketing and branding tool for job seekers, professionals and small businesses. It’s flexible and easily adaptable to start and build your online presence and establish yourself in the working world. It’s been adapted as an iPhone app and will see more mobile growth down the line. It gives you a personal touch and the opportunity to make yourself stand out.

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