Why You Should Study Digital Marketing in 2022

And take advantage of increasing opportunities in this area.

Why You Should Study Digital Marketing in 2022

If you’re looking to study and prepare for a job niche that promises career growth and good earnings, look no further. We’re going to discuss digital marketing as an exciting career path, and powerful reasons you should study it in 2022.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Any efforts made to promote products or services online can be interpreted as digital marketing. Even the regular articles you read that have links inside the text are used to promote something. However, they can be quite informative and the links are relevant to the article.

So, whatever product, website, type of information, service, etc. you might see online, chances are that it’s a part of a digital marketing campaign. Combining digital marketing with traditional marketing can get businesses the best results.

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s a relatively young field, and formal education is still catching up with it. However, as we have seen in the previous years, online education is much more convenient and can be much more up-to-date with content and tools that can enhance and customize learning.

Digital Marketing Jobs

The most important reason for considering digital marketing education is that there are many job opportunities that currently exist and there is good potential for great earnings. There are many different specializations and you can decide which one is best suited to you or you can be more of a generalist and combine a number of these skills. There are a ton of digital marketing jobs out there as we said, and there’s an enormous demand for digital marketers.

So, let’s discuss some common areas.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is any form of marketing that uses different content to promote products or services. For example, written content as blogs can promote all kinds of stuff, and it works very well when you break up the text into chunks and add images.
If you’re thinking about a career in content marketing. We recommend taking some of the first steps in the content marketing career path. Once you get started, you can apply to some of the most common content marketing jobs such as:
? Content Writer: Does a lot of research on topics related to the targeted industry. You will need to have great writing skills to write clear and reliable content and coordinate with other members of the marketing team.
? Content Strategist: Creates profiles of the target audience and learns what they want. Also, builds on best practices and manages strategic partnerships with different businesses and platforms.
? Content Director: Implements a content strategy, adapts different content to different geographical locations, tracks the budget, and allocates resources. It requires managing stakeholders and building relationships within the content marketing team.

Video Marketing
Video marketing is content marketing, and it’s one of the most effective forms because potential customers like visual presentations. The responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist working with video include planning, scripting, organizing, recording, and editing.

It’s not as simple as putting a video on video overlay and uploading it to YouTube to show off your skills. It’s much more difficult because you need to understand different video types such as demos, event videos, interviews, how-to videos, etc. There is a plethora of choices, and you would need to figure out which would work best for your target audience.

Social Media Marketing
It’s one of the more exciting career paths you can take in digital marketing. As another form of digital marketing that uses social media to market products and services, it overlaps with content marketing.
However, it takes more than just content to market something on social media. You need to understand the trends marketers can leverage and use them to get the placement of your product or service on different platforms and communities. Here are the most common jobs:
 - Social Media Marketing Coordinator: As the name of the position specifies, the job requires coordination with people involved in social media marketing. Also, it includes developing social media strategy, event management, campaign implementation, etc.
 - Community Manager: Engages with the target audience by forming a community around the brand and managing it. They’re responsible for raising brand awareness and sparking interest among prospects.
 - Social Media Director: These are at the top of the food chain in social media marketing because they’re responsible for business-making or business-breaking decisions regarding marketing on social media.

Email Marketing
This is direct marketing within digital marketing because emails are used to promote services and products. The effectiveness of email marketing is based on the potential customers being contacted directly and several other advanced techniques.
However, this can sometimes prove ineffective because people don’t like frequently receiving emails with offers. So, even if you apply for the next positions, just make sure that the customer isn’t spammed:
 - Email marketer: Identifies the target audience and continuously improves and regulates the list. Most marketers read emails before they send them out to their potential customers, making sure they’re as effective as ever.
 - Email marketing manager: Manages a team of email marketers and organizes the workflow. Also, the email marketing manager is responsible for designing the email marketing strategy.
There are different names for the same job, such as director of email marketing, email developer, email marketing strategies, email operations manager, etc. so be sure to read the details of the job descriptions.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO means optimizing your website for the best possible rank in the search results pages on search engines. There’s an enormous demand for SEO specialists because it results in organic marketing.
Organic marketing is marketing that’s not paid, and it’s the best way to promote something. This is a position that requires a bit of work. So, we recommend trying out some of the best online courses on digital marketing to boost your chances.

Important Digital Marketing Statistics

Here are some statistics that might get you to think about a career path in digital marketing. For example, the average pay of a Digital Marketing Manager is approximately $100,000 per annum in the US.
Social Media Managers make approximately $65,000 per annum on average. However, social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing. So, it’s only natural that they would make less on account of fewer responsibilities.

Another interesting stat is that Content Writers earn $50,000 on average in the US. Finally, the data LinkedIn gathered suggests that there were 381,000 jobs posted in marketing. It’s safe to assume that every industry currently uses digital marketing.


As demand still grows for digital marketing specialists each day and new businesses emerge, you might consider looking into this degree and specialty as you start planning a career. In case you haven’t decided what you’d want to do, this is something you should have in mind.
Finally, there are different jobs you can opt for in digital marketing that require different skills. You can choose to become a content marketing specialist or an SEO specialist or one of the many areas we have covered in this article, just look at the stats and take your pick based on your interests and the average salaries for the job.


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