Things College Students Should Know About the Internet in 2020

It is best to take a few necessary steps in order to be more effective

Things College Students Should Know About the Internet in 2020

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for a high-speed internet connection that has proven to be very beneficial for students. Because most information is now readily available and accessible through digital channels, college students can now write papers without ever heading to the library. Students also have the opportunity to use remote learning, eliminating the need for them to go to a university to earn a degree physically. With all these benefits that the internet provides, it is also important to review what college students should know about the internet.

Surf the web securely
One of the most important reminders for college students about the internet is to remember how to surf the web securely. The best and simplest way to do so is by keeping your browser and any plugins updated regularly because they serve as your main gateway to the internet. It is often the case that hackers target the vulnerabilities in web browsers to spread viruses and malware. With a browser updated with the latest version, it is more likely your software has patches to address these vulnerabilities.

Another thing that you can do to ensure more secure browsing is to use a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN will mask your internet protocol (IP) address, which means that web spies will not be able to monitor any of your internet activity or know your location. While there is a cost a¬ssociated with using a VPN, it is helpful to know that the cost of VPN for students is much lower compared to the regular rates. You can usually use one account for securing all your devices. Regardless of the device that you use for your research, or even if you are at a public hotspot, your connection is secure.

Leverage online storage solutions
The internet has continuously been improved to offer not only a fast speed but a larger storage capacity as well. This allows you to access your files and work from anywhere. It is also a good idea to look into online storage solutions available to ensure that the hard work that you put into your work is not lost in the event your computer stops working, is lost or when your run out of storage on your computer. With online storage, you can always access your files from any device that is synchronized with your file storage system. The online file system also allows you to share some of your work or files with other students without having to email the files back and forth.

Maximize the use of messaging platforms
It is often the case that when there is a need for a group to work together to deliver a project for a course, a significant amount of time is spent collaborating with the other students. For better time management, it is a good idea to maximize the use of messaging platforms for your group collaboration. Brainstorming and sharing concepts through group chats allows you to update each other in real-time as soon as you find noteworthy information. It is also a useful skill to eventually prepare you for the workplace.

Apart from text messages, you can use audio and video calls with your team to discuss ideas. There is also the option for you to share files that can benefit everyone in the group. You might find already find yourself spending a lot of time on such collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Team or a platform that is popular in your school. This is especially helpful when your colleagues are not at the same location or are working from different countries.

Explore reliable sites
As a college student, you will be faced with tons of research assignments that you need to turn in to finish a course. It is essential that you only explore reliable sites that will provide you with the useful information that you need, especially for papers. Landing on websites that lack authority can be a big waste of time, undermine your papers and lead you down the wrong path. It is helpful that you make a list of research sites in your field of study or use the resources listed on your school’s library website.

You should also see if there is a student discount or sites that are free for your use since you are in college. Your student login credentials will give you access to articles and databases via the library that would cost you thousands of dollars on your own. Ask your instructor if they can recommend some good websites that you can go to for your project and get a sense of what they consider a good source (professors are often divided on using Wikipedia for example).

The internet has provided huge benefits to students and is poised to help transform higher education, but it is best that you take some necessary steps to maintain your privacy and to keep your data and information secure. It is also important that you have a good online storage that allows you to save your files in order to be able to access them from any device or location. Every college student must also know how to maximize the use of messaging platforms that will allow them to collaborate with both their professors and fellow students seamlessly. Finally, it is best to make a list of websites that are reliable for the research and work needed on your project.


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