Popular Online Professions

The trrend for remote work appears to continue

Popular Online Professions

The pandemic lockdown changed many things in our lives. Businesses began to shift work online to get through a tough time and keep their customers. This required many to adjust to working and communicating in a new and different way. A year later, this trend appears to continue and an increasing number of specialists and employees want to continue working remotely, and limit their return or time spent to a physical office.

If you are one of those people who likes to work remotely, there are many professions that are a good fit with this lifestyle.

In this article, we will cover the top 6 most popular online jobs and the tools or applications that can be useful in these jobs.

#1. Freelancer

If you have the right skills to offer an employer, feel free to go freelance. Anyone can offer their services remotely such as designers, copywriters, therapists and even accountants. The independence and flexibility of the schedule are what sets this type of remote work apart from others.

You can offer your services on websites like Upwork and Fiverr, or other freelance platforms. There you will find numerous job listings from individuals and businesses looking for good performers.

#2. Blogger

Being a blogger is a great remote work option for those who enjoy sharing their thoughts online. The number of blog topics, as well as the sites on which you can work, is limitless. You can research reputable blogs in your area of expertise and interest.

Many of these blogs do not require a traditional degree. But you would have to be a good writer and show creativity. The hardest part is getting your creation to the top of the search engines, but that can be achieved with the right digital marketing strategies, SEO, and hard work.

There are some applications that can be useful for a blogger. Here is a list:

 - MailChimp. Sooner or later, you need to create mailing lists for subscribers, whether it is a weekly digest of the best materials or news for readers.
 - Grammarly. Being literate is a must for a blogger. So download the online checker.
 - Adobe Photoshop. Posting an article require some fun images in order to draw your readers. You can try Adobe software or alternatively, you can use PicsArt or famous Snapseed editors.
 - Movavi Video Editor. This is a software for video bloggers and YouTube evangelists. The program supports most of the known formats. It has many filters and transitions, in order to record a voice or sound. It has all the standard functions for editing. Alternatively, you can use Blender or DaVinci Resolve editors.
 - SMMplanner. For the convenience of scheduling your work, if you want to post at a different time, you can use a schedule planning software.

#3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Manager

Many companies are ready to pay good money to a person who will effectively manage their social media channels because this is where their target audience is concentrated.

The responsibilities of an SMM manager include developing a content plan, scheduling and managing a publication schedule, working on brand reputation, and maintaining user engagement on social media platforms. A social media marketing specialist must be active, creative, well-versed in marketing, and be a good writer.

Software that may come in handy:

 - Keyhole. Keyhole provides a free yet powerful tool for analyzing hashtags, keywords, and accounts.
 - Hypeauditor. Another useful free service for SMM, which shows the most important statistics on the account and helps you make a choice. It works with the use of AI technologies, which makes the analysis accurate and indicative.
 - Canva. One of the best services for creating layouts, pictures, posters, infographics, calendars, and more online.
 - Google Trends. A service to know what people from all over the world are writing about and what topics are the most relevant.

#4. Online Teacher

If you enjoy teaching, you can offer online lessons in subjects that you are well versed in – be it languages or cooking. Currently, you can give any kind of online lesson using Skype or Zoom. With the growing number of students, you can even start your own online school.

An alternative to teaching is to become an online coach. An online coach pays more attention to individual or group training that develop practical skills. These can be things like lifestyle or motivational coach such as a fitness guru or someone who provides leadership training.

#5. Web Designer

There seem to be an infinite number of websites. But many of thes sites are not well designed for their intended audience. If you have the technical and creative skills and can turn a client's creative ideas into a fully functional product, considering web design might be an ideal profession for you.

These are some of things you might need to be able to do:

 - know programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML;
 - be able to work with platforms for creating sites, for example, WordPress or Joomla;
 - know the basics of user interface design;
 - know the latest web design trends

There are also a few software that can be useful for web design and development as follows:

 - Figma. Simple and user-friendly design software in which you can create a huge variety of projects. If you're on a Mac, you can use Sketch.
 - Adobe XD. A strong player in the world of professional design applications. It's great for UI design, wireframing, and prototyping.
 - Webflow. It’s a full-stack tool for creating functional and responsive websites that can be hosted right on their platform.

#6. Copywriter

With all the blogging, websites, and social media contents, there is an increasing demand for a great online writer. The purpose of any great content is to inform readers in a specific area. Copywriters’ job is to create suitable and engaging content for different industries such as entertainment, business, technology, science, law and many more.

Examples of a product that a copywriter create are industry reports, social media posts, blog articles, landing page copy, etc. As long as there is something to advertise and someone to write to, a copywriter will never be out of work.

Below are some suggestion for copywriter software:

 - Google Docs. One-stop online office for editing and formatting text documents. This is great for a collaboration in joint writing and editing work.
 - Hemingway App. This tool helps to structure thought and communicate clearly with style.
 - The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer. IBM service that works with the tonality of texts. Helps to understand the emotional coloring of texts in business communication and written interaction with users.

Final thoughts on choosing a remote profession

Online professions are now in demand more than ever. Thanks to modern technologies, everyone can work remotely, while earning good money.

In addition to the list provided in this article, there are other professions that you can consider such as a customer support manager, a programmer, a graphic designer, a translator, a video editor, a producer, a tester, a consultant and many others. You can take a few minutes to jot down your interests and skills and find resources that help you with choosing a rewarding career that you can do from the comfort of your home. Good luck!


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