Popular Leadership Books For Young Adults

6 books that should be on your reading list

Popular Leadership Books For Young Adults

Being a young adult is a time of transition. The responsibilities only grow, especially as you move from high school to college. You move from learning independence and taking care of yourself to working with and looking after others. Leadership become increasingly important, but such skills are difficult to learn. This is also an important stage in your life to pick up good reading habits that can stay with you. A good way to focus on both at the same time is to incorporate some excellent leadership books in your schedule.

We have put together a list of 5 class books on leadership for you:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
If there is one person most young adults know, it's that one who has proven leadership skills to catapult the success of their business and other endeavors. Tech giant founder, Steve Jobs, is not a nobody for young adults. He has been a popular business magnate and pioneer of personal computer and telecommunications. He was considered by a lot of people to be a genius and the company which was a product of this was enlisted as the most valuable brand. At the time of his death, he was considered as one of America's great innovators.

It is interesting to know more about his life by reading his biography by Walter Isaacson. This was made of numerous interviews with Steve Jobs himself and all the people who have known him all his life. It focuses on his creativity and applied inventiveness which helped him revolutionize many industries. We get to know more about his famous strong personality and his way of dealing with people he worked with. If you are looking for inspiration to help you become a leader while discovering the things which you should not do as a leader, the biography of this famous icon may be the perfect way to start.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
They say there is nothing more powerful than building habits you live by everyday. This is one of the most influential leadership books. It gives practical, concise, and doable actions to help you become an effective leader. The step-by-step guide takes you through habits that leaders should work on. This book has inspired many political and corporate leaders across all industries and occupations. It is a must have book for all young adults and entrepreneurs who want to grow and improve. Because of its popularity, another book, 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens' was written by the author's son, Sean Covey.

The 360- Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell
This book is penned by the famous leadership thinker, pastor, and author, John C. Maxwell. He has authored numerous books on leadership which has made the best seller lists and best leadership books around the world. He defines a leader as someone who is genuine and willing to achieve a goal and a vision through a positive influence on others.

This book focuses on principles that leaders can use to bring about value and influence to all parts in the organization they belong to. It explains that not all people are meant to lead from the top but a lot of people may lead in the middle, where you can reach every person from the top to the bottom. This gives fresh insight on how influence makes a leader and not the position or title one holds.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
A classic book that is on almost every “must read” business list. It offers guidance on maneuvering personal and business relationships and the importance of understanding another person’s perspective. It emphasizes relationship and communication strategies for making another person feel important and ways to broaden your social network and position yourself for success.

Limitless: Leadership That Endures by Ajaz Ahmed
Being a leader is something that you do once you leave the confines of the box of convention and traditional way of doing things. This is what this book tries to convey, that a person's transformative power of thinking can transcend boundaries and limitations. The values highlighted here are dedication and patience, which are important characteristics of leaders in organizations. It focuses on not just the growth of a company but the enduring philosophy that goes beyond markets, currencies, revolutions, and regime changes. It includes fascinating stories of business leaders who find opportunities where others see obstacles and the importance of keeping an open mind.

Drive by Daniel Pink
This book explains the history of human motivation from the carrots and sticks approach to the deeply human need to direct our lives and to do better for ourselves and the world. He asserts that high performance at work, school and home can be truly achieved by self-motivation and mindset. Pink examines the three elements of true motivation – autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and practical ways to put these into action.

The young adult stage is a time for a great learning from reading inspiring books of leadership and lessons learned from other world leaders. It is important that every year you take a look at the list of books you would like to read in business, leadership, entrepreneurial along with your area of expertise. This would not just give you ideas that you can incorporate but help you become and stay inspired. So go ahead add one or more of these books to your reading list.


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