Online Classes and Learning During COVID-19

There are many advantages to online school and learning

Online Classes and Learning During COVID-19

Failing to cope up with your studies after schools and colleges were closed? We can understand what difficulty you have been facing. Coronavirus has led to schools and colleges shutting all over the world. Over 1.2 billion students had to stop going to school for their classes. The impact of Coronavirus has made our lives miserable, but nothing can stop daily life. We have to keep going. Coronavirus is not going to vanish that easily according to the experts, so the wisest choice would be researching for other educational options.

Education has changed in a dramatic way now, classroom lectures have been transformed into online classes since time and tide waits for no one. So the best option would be opting for online classes if you do not want to waste your valuable time to until COVID has been contained.

Now, you might have a question in your mind about how can online classes be as useful as in-person classrooms. But it is not all bad news. One big disadvantage of attending physical classes is that traveling to and from school can be time-consuming. By spending less time commuting, you can instead spend more time on your studies and doing better on your exams, or alternatively use some of that time on doing extracurricular activities to add to resume and for personal development.

Have you always dreamed of studying at elite colleges?
Another great opportunity is to be able to take online classes and programs that are available by some of the elite colleges in US as well as those in other countries. Many elite colleges have been offering courses with the help of many online learning platforms. The course and program offerings run across many different majors and specializations. You will need to research the different online programs that are offered at elite colleges to see if it is a fit with your intended major and make sure to consult with your advisor to ensure that you can transfer the appropriate credits if you are not attending such a program full-time to any program you are in or plan to join.

One of the by products of the coronavirus has been that college who did not offer online programs in the past have had to develop the curriculum and as such can now offer a full time online or hybrid online and in-person courses in the future for students to choose from. The quality of some of these course offering has gone up as schools and colleges had to invest in online platforms and course development online. Some in the education industry believe that this trend will continue into the future past the coronavirus pandemic and make elite education more widely accessible.

What other factors make online tuition beneficial?
• Having access to online classes is very easy too. Though it is recommended that students use laptops to perform their work, you may be able to find that you can do your work with a smartphone. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, so getting access to the online classes is way easier than you imagine. The process of logging in your account is both easy and safe too. Classes and lessons are often recorded and easy to rewatch for any points you miss.
• In cases where you may find yourself needing more personalized attention, it might be easier to reach out to your teachers online and to schedule a one on one meeting via zoom or other online tools. You can also ask questions during the class by writing your question in the chatting option so that your teacher can answer everyone individually.
• Lowering the cost of education is also a big advantage that you get with online classes. Paying for online classes in many cases can be less expensive than instruction in regular classrooms, though you might check to see if this is true for the school or program you are interested in.
• Flexibility is a major advantage that you get while attending online classes. Students hardly get the opportunity to spend time on their hobbies while attending regular classrooms. All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy. By this we mean, your brain will function more efficiently if you have time for yourself along with classes. Traveling to and from campus can be exhausting. Online classes give you time for your hobbies, making you more balanced. You can easily juggle between your online classes and extracurricular activities.
• Another advantage is that you might get a vast networking opportunity from being a part of online learning community. You may be able to meet various people all over the world who might be taking a class with you or participate in groups that have similar interests to you academically or socially. A better networking opportunity may also provide for a greater career contacts down the road.
• Lastly, online classes teach you about self-discipline and responsibility too. You get to exercise the discipline to attend your classes on time, to concentrate and perform all your assignments and studies while there are many things around you that can be distracting.

According to some research, students retain 30% to 60% of information in online classrooms while they get to retain only 10% while in classrooms with traditional lectures. This is where online classrooms can prove to be more effective than regular classrooms. So while things have changed with the Coronavirus and students have been forced to study online, with some planning and discipline, you can turn this to a great opportunity for learning. Rather than interrupting your studies, you can turn the spread of online courses to your advantage and use such classes to help achieve the goals you desire.


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