How To Earn Money In College As A Tutor

5 practical steps you can consider

How To Earn Money In College As A Tutor

Making money as a college student can be very challenging. You must balance between education, your personal life and still make money to sustain your college life and education. Private tutoring has become the go-to option for many college students looking to make a few extra bucks. Online education has turned into a multi-million-dollar industry, and it can only grow even more over the next few years. There are millions of students enrolled in online classes and perhaps they can all benefit from some tutoring.

Do you have good grades in your college or university subjects? You should then consider making some extra money as a private tutor. Tutoring is highly rewarding and favorable for most college students as it allows for the flexibility needed to balance school and work. It also helps build your CV as it indicates the strong capabilities you have in your subject that you even help others get better at it.

But how do you become a private tutor? This guide will provide you with all the information you need to start making money as a tutor.

How to Become a Tutor
If you want to become a tutor and get paid for teaching others, here are some essential tips:

1. Draft an Appealing CV
Your CV is the most effective way for you to show your abilities to any potential customers. Make sure you come up with a CV that highlights your strengths in the specific subject and how you can help others improve their knowledge in that field. You can find various guides on how to write a great CV on the internet.

Also, add a few excellent character references, such as a previous boss, one of your lecturers, or others that you have worked with in organizations in school or outside. They can help you market your services.

2. Choose a Skill Level to Focus On
It becomes easier for you to attract new clients in need of tutoring services if you target a particular skill level. For instance, you cannot compare the experience of teaching primary school pupils to that of dealing with teenagers taking honors or Advanced Placements. Although you can handle both, it becomes easy if you only deal with one category.

For instance, if you choose to work with GCSE or AP students, you can better understand the curriculum and the requirements for passing an exam. It also becomes easier for you to acquire all the teaching products and materials. As a result, you can easily offer better and more specialized tutoring services, which can increase your success rate.

3. Pitch Your Services
To put together a pitch for the tutoring services you offer, you will have to draft something comparable to a cover letter. Confidently indicate the characters and qualifications that make you the right tutor for someone looking to improve their knowledge level in the subject you major in.

Talk about good grades, some significant achievements, and even include a quote from some university staff or students you have previously worked with. You can convert the pitch and use it as an advert.

4. Advertise Your Services
You can edit your pitch to suit your target audience or the advertising space you plan on using and working on spreading the word. Some of the best places to advertise tutoring services include online forums, notice boards at local libraries, community centers, shop windows, your university, Facebook groups, and classified sites. You can also send flyers through letterboxes in your local area. There are also tutoring companies that you can join where students can contact with tutors on many subjects.

5. Start Tutoring
Whether you offer your services in person or online, maintaining good communication with the student should be your priority if you want to benefit from tutoring. Arrange a time and venue convenient for both parties in advance and maintain punctuality. Also, remember to ask lots of questions to understand what the student needs. Before you start tutoring, take some time to thoroughly understand the curriculum. You can have an introductory session to establish what the student wants to achieve and set realistic goals.

Ensure that you are well prepared. Turning up for a tutoring session with nothing and only helping the student get their homework done will not benefit you or the student. Prepare your weekly lessons in advance and conduct some research to understand the week’s topic. This way, you can pass on correct information backed by facts to the student and help them achieve their goals.

If you need to make some extra money, tutoring offers a viable option. You can work with students from different levels. Before starting tutoring, you will need to write a solid CV, choose a skill level you will work with, pitch your services, and start advertising. Once you get this done, you will be ready to plan and set up your tutoring sessions.


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