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A Handy Reference of Helpful Online Tools for College Students

Students need more than pen and pencil to get through college

A Handy Reference of Helpful Online Tools for College Students

With the world changing around us and becoming more digital, students now need more than just a pen and pencil to get through college. The internet has become the essential tool for all students at different levels, but remains tricky and confusing to use for research and studies. With the endless options out there in terms of search engines, reference materials and educational apps, students need a narrow list of online resources that could guide them through their work. Reputable and credible sources are crucial for your work, so you could ace all your subjects.

Whether you’re studying online or not, there are plenty of handy tools to get your assignments and work done efficiently and accurately. Fortunately for you, we have gathered a list of tools that could get you going through your years of studying.

Writing and Note-Taking Tools
Even if you are not a literature major, you will need writing and note-taking tools for your classes and studying. Your notes will help you stay organized and highlight the important topics you need to focus on. The app Evernote, for example, can help you take down all your class notes and ideas, and it keeps them all drafted and organized in various templates too. Most of these note-taking apps are synced with your phone as well, so whatever you will be adding on your desktop app will be automatically saved on your phone.

You can also use scanning apps such as Scanbot to scan paper notes and search texts. You no longer need a scanner to send whatever you want; you just need to have a smartphone to auto-find and scan documents. These websites will come in handy too when you start your career, since writing and note-taking are lifelong needed skills.

Online Calculators
Back in the day, we used to carry around our calculators and on the days when we’d forget them, our days were ruined. Luckily, we no longer have to worry about that. With online calculators available now on the internet, you can easily do anything easy or complicated. Calculator Bee, for example, has plenty of options for every student, so you can calculate averages or significant figures.

Citation Tools and Apps
Research is an integral part of education, and it’s important, as a student, that you use credible sources for your papers. Whether your citations are in APA or MLA formats, you will need the help of online tools to craft a citation list. For easy bibliographies, you can use EasyBib to curate a list that is organized and is in proper order. EasyBib also tracks plagiarism if you opt for the upgraded version. There are also plenty of tools for APA citation styles such as KnightCite, Zotero, and CiteThis.

Proofreading Tools
If you are majoring in something that requires a lot of essay writing, then proofreading websites should be your best friends. With the various tools found online for proofreading and editing, it has become less common to see students making errors on their papers. An online tool such as Grammarly is now widely used by students and writers around the world. You can use the free version or upgrade to the more premium ones.

Use Productivity Apps
College students lead a very busy life, juggling between homework, assignments, classes, activities and their social lives. That’s exactly why it is recommended for students to use productivity apps that monitor their daily habits and routines. Apps like Google Calendar and Productive can allow you to track your simple tasks and plan your busy days. This way, you’re staying organized and making sure you’re not behind any deadline. You can also consider using to-do-list apps to save your time and check-off whatever you have done.

Track Your Expenses
Money is no joke when you are in college, which is why it would be useful to keep track of your expenses and spending through those years. Most students pay for their tuition by taking out loans that help with some living expenses. Also, some students take part-time jobs. So an online app to help balance your budget and monitor your expenses would come in handy. You can use apps like Wally or Mint to keep track of your finances, create budgets, and check your credit score. With these sources, you can lead a more financially intelligent and sustainable lifestyle.

The technological advancements we have around us offer the potential to help make our lives much easier. With the amount of stress students go through, online tools play an essential role in helping and guiding them in their tasks and work and be more efficient with their busy lives.


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