7 Different Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

To earn a good income and ditch the office

7 Different Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

During Covid we are witnessing a massive change in the way people are working. While the sudden shift is due to current crisis, these trends reflect a longer-term desire desire of many workers to have more independence over a workplace and is driving people to work from home more often now. In addition to those who have full-time careers that are moving into the world of working remotely, many people are joining this new type of workforce in a range of roles of commitments.

There is a big desire to work from home because it allows you to be your own boss in many cases and gives you a lot more flexibility. The difficult part is figuring out what kind of jobs you can work from home so here are 7 that can get you started on your search.

1. Proofreader
The art of grammar and spelling is quickly becoming a hot commodity. As more people rely on technology to do the dirty work of typing and spelling, proofreading is a valuable job line to get into that can be done from anywhere. Proofreading of essays for schools, publications for work or even transcripts of court documents are just some of the roles. All are easy to learn with the extremely useful courses available online. This job is a good for working from home because it allows you to use your skills in a practical setting, can be done flexibly during the hours that work for you and provides an independent work life.

2. Consultant
Being a consultant means you have a robust knowledge of a certain field of study (law, accounting, etc.) and are able to offer your knowledge and guidance for fees. Being a consultant can net you a healthy fee depending on how much knowledge you have and how in demand your skills are. Consulting can be in many forms which is why it is such an interesting job you can work from home.

3. Tutor/Teacher
Online tutoring has grown a lot as many people look for ways to teach their children or themselves. Schools and programs are becoming more competitive and tutoring remotely is often far easier for both the student and the tutor. Being a tutor/teacher can let you use your knowledge and help teach others in things like math, musical instruments, science, computer technology, etc. Pre-recorded lessons and other online tools help maximize your efforts too.

4. Videographer and Photographer
For digital content providers, working from home has been popular in their line of work for a while. Many people look to outsource their videography/photography work to professionals and you might be able to fill that need as editing is time intensive for those less experienced and requires specialized software. Anything from making content like videos or photos to publish on the web to editing images for putting together a brochure can be done from home easily. This field requires some previous knowledge of the editing software, but it is easy to learn from online tutorials.

5. Social Media Manager
The growing need for a strong social media presence, whether as a business or individual, means that people need someone specialized in the art of managing a brand and image. Social media managers are those dedicated and talented individuals and help consult and manage the online aspect of branding. They help develop strategies to define a person or brand and maximize their online presence. Social media managers have a strong knowledge of the most popular platforms and are good at adapting to challenges to help their clients.

6. Copywriter
Writing copy is the art of writing the words for advertising and marketing. This is just another example of the many writing jobs that can be done entirely online from home which can help you either supplement or earn an income. Copywriters can work independently as freelance contractors, work for a firm or content management team, and work for individuals. This job can be done from home or anywhere you have access to the internet and has the potential to pay fairly well.

7. Affiliate Marketing
Selling items online is not what it used to be. Affiliate marketing is not the act of actually selling the products, but directing people (or traffic in the language of the business) toward sites or services that offer the products. Affiliate marketers generating revenue based on link clicks and purchases from websites. Ecommerce is growing and affiliate marketing is part of the reason why so many people are taking advantage of online selling programs. Many online commerce services offer some form of affiliate marketing program. These can help you monetize a blog or website. Have a popular site thousands of people visit a month? You can start earning passive income to allow for an amazingly flexible lifestyle and work life.

Working from home is becoming more popular and is leading many people to ditch the office environment in favor of working from the comfort of their house or apartment. Using this list of 7 different jobs you can work from home (or remotely in general) can help you learn a new skills - or put your existing ones - to the test to help earn good money while having independence.


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