3 Reasons to Schedule a Second Campus Tour This Spring

Benefits of visiting your desired school a second time

3 Reasons to Schedule a Second Campus Tour This Spring

At this point in the admissions game, you’ve likely narrowed down your college choices and applied to the ones that most stood out to you. Aside from waiting for your admissions results to come in, this in-between period provides a great opportunity to schedule a second campus tour. There are a plethora of benefits to visiting your desired schools for a second time—like the opportunity to experience a college class or the chance to get a better idea of what the campus experience would be like.

Hoping to focus in on the college that will fit you best? Keep reading to learn three reasons to schedule a second campus tour this spring.

1. You can potentially sit in on a class and speak with the professor
Whether you have identified your potential college major or not, sitting in on a college class is a great way to learn more about the school. It’s one thing to explore empty lecture halls during a tour, but quite another experience to witness a class. Doing so will show you how it will feel to take classes at the school, as well as let you experience the practicality of the classroom space and get a sense for how the instructors teach. After sitting in on a class, take a few minutes to thank the professor and to ask any questions you may have—especially if it’s a class in an area you intend to major in.

You have a few options in terms of scheduling a class period to visit. You can contact the school’s admissions office to see if they can put you in contact with a department or professor who may be willing to have you as a guest observer. Additionally, you can directly contact a particular academic department to inquire about opportunities. Regardless of the method you take to make this happen, sitting in on a class can show you firsthand what it would be like to be a student at this school.

2. You can dive deeper into the school’s culture and atmosphere
You’ve visited the campus before, but did you truly make time to embrace the school’s atmosphere and culture? Use this visit to explore what makes the campus unique. Talk to students, and ask them any questions you may have about the student body and overall environment. Spend time exploring the areas of campus you think you would frequent most—such as the student center or the library. Also consider taking a tour of the dorms if you haven’t done so already. The admissions office can likely help you set up a time to visit the dorm spaces on campus and experience where you may be living. Another way to learn about the school is referencing campus media—such as the student newspaper, campus radio station, or departmental newsletters—to get an idea of campus life and the types of events you might attend once you’re a student.

3. You can explore the school’s student resources
During your visit, also take time to learn more about the resources available to students at the school. Visit the career center to gather information on how they can help you find a job or internship, as well as what resume-building services they provide to students. Explore the fitness facilities on campus to see what unique fitness opportunities or intramural sports are available. Other resources you may want to learn more about include health services and the writing center. A large part of your college experience is the school providing resources that fit your individual needs and promote both academic and personal growth, so explore the resources available to ensure this campus is the right fit for you.

Before your second campus visit, take time to re-evaluate the results of your first campus tour. Identify what you learned then, and what questions you would like answered during this visit. Go into this tour with specific questions to answer that will help you ultimately make your final decision.

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